Marlen AFOHEAT Model Select Flame Searers

Model: Select Flame Searer

Marlen’s Afoheat™ Select Flame Searer is continuous grill oven equipped with gas-powered direct flame technology.  These Flame Searers are installed around the world for roasting and searing of both bulk and convenience foods. Completely customizable, designed and built specifically to your needs, the Afoheat Select flame searer is perfect for one-of-a-kind applications.


• Adjustable belt speed.
• Adjustable belt height (electrical or manual).
• Adjustable burner power (flame length and intensity).
• Adjustable convectional heat (by PID regulation).
• Short grilling times —> no increases of the core temperature.
• Minimal weight loss.
• Low energy consumption due to the Afoheat pre-mix burner control.
• Multiple parameters for product versatility.
• Removable conveyor for easy cleaning and maintenance.
• Processes raw, cooked, chilled or frozen product.
• Can be installed in line with other cooking equipment.
• Fully insulated oven for minimal heat radiation.
• Superior hygienic design.
• Can be equipped with flame burners on top and/or bottom side.
• Option to combine flame technology with infrared technology.

Technical specification

• Standard belt widths of 300, 600, 1000mm. Custom belt widths also available
• Adjustable Bar-marking wheels temperature between 200-700oC
• Safety zone at the inlet and the outlet (length is customable)
• Equipped with a fat separator to prevent fire and control odor
• Permissible temperature is limited to 300oC to prevent grease from igniting and from machine overheating

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