Grasselli Model KSL

Model KSL (Boneless horizontal slicer)

Horizontal slicer for fresh boneless meats with a cutting capacity of over 2,000 kg/h and extreme precision in the thickness of the slices. Adjustable cutting parameters and highly efficient, “gentle” technology for the most delicate cuts.


• Perfectly parallel horizontal slices with the Grasselli multi-blade cutting system.
• Fully adjustable cutting parameters for the best output also for particularly delicate products (“through slicing” option for a 100% throughput).
• Conveyor belts can be opened for perfect cleaning and improved hygiene.
• Possibility to be placed in completely automated lines.
• No tool necessary to prepare the machine for sanitation and no part to be disassembled.
• Cutting-edge design with continuous welding and rounded edges to ensure optimum hygiene. • Butterfly cutting option can be applied in the machine.
• Frame built completely in food-grade Stainless steel.

Technical specification

The KSL offers a working width of 380 mm (KSL 400), 600 mm (KSL600) or 380 mm + 380 mm (KSL800).

• Minimum thickness of 2.5 mm and a maximum product height of 100 mm.
• Cutting capacity of over 2,000 kg/h exclusively for fresh and cooked boneless meats.
• Working speed adjustment of ± 40% and lever to adjust the thickness of the first slice. • Surfaces of the conveyor belts with differentiated grip.
• Automated blade tension adjustment system. • Pieces subject to mechanical stress produced with special heat treated steel.

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