Grasselli Model NSAXC

Model NSA XC B (2D-3D slicing and dicing machine with super hygienic)

Vertical meat slicer, designed and built for the two-dimensional cutting of fresh and cooked boneless meats with a high productivity and flawless cut quality, even in-line.
Ideal for two-dimensional cutting, to obtain evenly cut or “hand-cut” effect strips or cubes and for the continuous production of large quantities of meat. Can be completely sanitised also on the inside.


• Can be perfectly sanitised on the inside.
• In combination with the KSL horizontal slicer, the line allows the fully controlled 3D meat cutting, and can also be positioned directly after the oven and before the freezer.
• A touch screen assembled on a rotating arm makes it possible for the machine to be controlled from both sides.
New and more intuitive interface.
• Possibility of remote connection for remote assistance.

Technical specification

Brushless motors.
• Conveyor belts can be automatically turned over for cleaning.
Electronically controlled pressure and cutting speed.
Fitted with casters and feet for easy transportation if the machine has to be moved for in-line cleaning.
• Electric and electronic components in an external box in stainless steel.
• Internal components with a IP69K protection level, washable with water at a pressure of 6 bar.
Adjustable working speed from 50 mm/s to 500 mm/s.

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