Marelec Model Classic grader

Model Classic grader

The MARELEC Grading Solutions combine state of the art technology for creating highly advanced accurate and fast grading solutions.


• Value is added by cutting up the chicken into parts. The volumes of processed chicken in today’s slaughter houses require performant and intelligent Grading Solutions with high capacity to optimize production and yields with an absolute minimum of give away. MARELEC has designed a wide range of options on infeed systems, weighing and sorting methods for all different kind of cut-ups to reply to the high demands of the actual production requirements.
• To have the maximum output on the smallest possible footprint, MARELEC designs dual lane graders.
• Common batching bins bring the parts within the same weight range from both the upper and the lower lane into presentation trays or directly into the boxes.
• Printers can be installed in between the stations to print labels with the production data. An exit conveyor stings the boxes towards the end of the line.

Technical specification

• Construction: Stainless steel AISI 304 & 316 and FDA approved food plastics.
• Conveyor belt: Standard polythene grid.
• Drum motor: Stainless steel.
• Indicator: MARELEC Z2 with UTP-I/P connection.
• Air supply: 6bar, capacity depending on the model.
• Protection: Loadcells protected against mechanical overload, watertight IP68.
• Outputs: From 1 to 24 Single and double line.
• Software: Autocalibration and auto zero, smart batching software.

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