Compact means infeed, weighing and grading on one belt and one frame. The MARELEC M3 compact grader is an easy to use, simple and robust solution. All of this with the same precision as the classic graders. With the MARELEC M3 compact grader, MARELEC sets the new standard for smaller versatile grading systems using pull arms and available with 6 or 8 stations, combined left and right. Options such as batching are available on request.


• High accuracy.
• High weighing and grading.
• Maximum product dimensions: 400 x 250 mm, alternatively up to 600 x 450 mm.
• 100 adaptable programs.
• Range: 0 – 1,5 kg, alternatively: 5 kg.
• Precision: standard deviation 0-500 gr: 1.5 gr / 500-1500 gr: 3 gr.
• Max. speed: 120 pcs/min.
• Completely watertight.
• Grading to size and number.

Technical specification

• Construction: Stainless steel AISI 304, FDA approved food plastics.
• Conveyer belt: Grid polyethylene.
• Selection keyboard: Stainless steel IP67 with integrated electronics.
• Indicator: Marelec Z2 with UTP TCP/IP-connection.
• Power Supply: Single phase 230 VAC, 50 Hz, 800W.
• Air Supply: 200Nl/min/6bar Protection: Protected against mechanical overload. Loadcells hermetically protected IP68.
• Software: MARELEC G1.

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