SANWA Model WF 5100BN

Verical Form Fill Seal packing : WF5100BN

This is the most standard type of bag. It’s called a “Pillow Bag”. The bag’s top, bottom and back are sealed. This is the simplest method for automatic packaging made from roll film and creases are less likely to appear in the seal. Print designs are also simple and it is a package that can be used in a wide range of applications. Pillow is the same as the pillow on a bed. It is a natural bag that easy to package like a pillow.


• For Large Volumetric Max. Bag Size:330W×500L.
• Good for business use: Frozen food 2~3kg level etc.
• High Stable Sealer and Gas Displacement owing to servo control able to set suited sealing conditions, stability of sealer and reliability of gas displacement are highly increased.
• Less film rollers compare to the previous models.
• Designed easy for operation, arrangements, cleaning and adjusting.

Shape of bag

Pillow bag, Pillow Gusset bag, Block Bottom Gusset

Technical specification

• Capacity : MAX 60 bags/min
• Bag size : Width 120~330 mm / Length 100~500 mm
• Film material : Laminated film / PE/CPP Mono Layer
• Power consumption : 3PH,AC200/220V, 5.0kW
• Air consumption : Approx. 500 ℓ (Normal)/min (0.6MPa)
• Machine size : 1340W × 1650D × 2050H mm
• Machine weight : Approx. 900kg

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