FMT Piston filler and capping groups

Model VEGA (Linear filling machine – Innovative filler)

FMT VEGA. The volumetric linear piston filler with 2-8 heads, a machine deigned by FMT to grant high performances. The new filling system is extremely flexible and polyvalent and thanks to its brushless technology permits the personalized dosing process according to the specifications of the product. Adjustments are made by means of touch screen panel.


• Linear filler specially designed to grant the maximum flexibility and very easy cleaning procedures.
• It is suitable to fill liquid, semi-liquid and thick products with and without particles.
• Product dosing is made by means of a linear actuator controlled by brushless motor which enables the filling volume adjustment as well as the filling and product intake speeds directly from the control panel.
• The valves for product intake and dosing are controlled by an actuator, providing the highest filling accuracy.

Technical specification

• The inner surfaces of the filling hopper/tank are mirror polished.
• Plunger shutter system allows filling of products with pieces.
• “No jar – no fill” photocell timed to enable the conveyor to dispose of filled containers  in case of machine stop.
• Quick and easy changeover.
• Machine in compliance with CE norms.
• Bottom-up filling with servo motor system.
• Product warming at filling tank and volumetric cylinder.
• Flexible use for different container.
• Servo-driven system for filling.
• Quick change-over time and fast clean.
• Centering system for small diameter bottle.
• Double protection for dipping effect.

MT Food System