Automatic saw for cutting fresh or frozen bone-in or boneless produce. A compact and robust machine, with a small size, that offers high production per operator, precision in the thickness of the cut produce and, above all, the highest level of safety during use.


• QUALITY OF THE CUT. Constant cutting speed ensuring high quality cuts.
• HIGH PRODUCTION. A single operator can operate 2 machines simultaneously.
• OPERATIONAL VERSATILITY. The integrated programme offers a wide range of options for cutting  configurations. Furthermore, by changing the grippers, different products can be cut.
• SAFETY. The whole machine is surrounded by a fence to prevent access to the interior, leaving free the loading area protected by a safety light curtain that stops the cycle whenever it is broken.
• HYGIENE. The entire machine, its mounting hardware and the safety fence are made from stainless steel and plastics that are suitable for use in the food industry.
• ROBUSTNESS. The machine’s chassis is made from high-thickness tubes and sheets, welded together and then machined as a whole for exact adjustment and precise movements.
• PRECISION. All of the cutting movements are performed by servomotors, and all of the calculations are made by computer.

Technical specification

• Machine dimensions (L x W x H) SRA1 …… 2530 x 3320x 2350 mm.
• Machine length with rejection arm (L) 3475 mm.
• Max. measurements of produce (L x W x H) SRA …… 650 x 1000 x 280 mm.
• Machine power 8,3 kW.
• Linear cutting velocity 80 m/s.
• Compressed air 12-32 L/complete cycle (6 bar – min. 4 bar).
• Band saw blade 3370 x 16mm.

MT Food System