CALIBRE Automatic Carton Freezer

Automatic Carton Freezer

With a new approach to Freezing, Chilling or Sorting SCL Industries can significantly reduce post-production labour through automation, removing the requirement for manual sorting and product handling, considerably reducing product damage, general errors, forklift damage, under filled or overfilled order picking and other manual related costs. Product can be delivered directly to a loading dock, robot or palletising system.


Improved quality and consistency, advanced end airflow patterns ensures consistent and faster freezing or chilling times, counter or co current air flow with even distribution over the product
• Carrier and shelves configurations are designed to match production rates.
• Evaporator fans are VFD speed controlled to reduce energy consumption.
• Flexibility to finely tune the system to gain minimum retention time.
• Load patterns are custom configurable.
• CCTV monitoring of the system.
• Operates 24 hours per day/ up to 7 days per week.
• Access ladders and platforms at key areas within the structure.
• Electro mechanical shelf and product pushers. No Hydraulics are used.

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