Ibaraki Seiki Model FP-3200LS-S

Model FP-3200LS-S

Small size, high performance, servo motors mounted.


• Small size, high performance, servo motors mounted : Three servomotors are incorporated a compact body. The running sound is quiet, excellent in productivity and controllability. Space-saving design.
• Self-diagnostic function : If any failure should occur, operation is stopped automatically, and the trouble is warned by electronic buzzer and display, so that a quick counteraction can be taken.
• Long seal(box motion type): By the box motion type cut seal, sealed package and tight package can be made, and it is ideal for packaging by mixing with gas or deoxidizer.

Technical specification

Capacity: 20〜80pack/min
Power Consumption:AC200V 3phases 5.8KVA 19A
Air supply:500KPA 100NL/min
Machine size:L:4815mm W:835mm H:1650mm
Product size:L:100〜320mm W:30〜150mm H:10〜60mm
Packing material:Heat fusible film(MAX 450mm)
Max. film width:450mm≧(product height + product wideh)×2+40mm

* Specification varies with the shape, dimensions and properties of the merchandise to be packaged, packaging materials, and other conditions.

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