Ibaraki Seiki Stretch wrapping machine Model SP-3000N-AI

Model SP-3000N-AI

Flexible Stretch wrapping machine.


• Automatic infeed conveyor standard model : By hooking up with a dish-up conveyor, products can be wrapped with timing being automatically adjusted.
• AC servo motor : The system, incorporating three AC servo motors and controlled by microcomputer, operates very quietly, and is excellent in productivity and controllability.
• Self-diagnostic function : If any failure should occur, operation is stopped automatically, and the trouble is warned by electronic buzzer and display, so that a quick counteraction can be taken.
• Open frame : The cleaning and the adjustment can be easily done because of the open frame structure.

Technical specification

Capacity: 10〜60pack/min
Power Consumption:AC200V 3phases 5.7KVA 16A
Machine size:L:3500mm W:1090mm H:1700mm
Product size:L:100〜350mm W:80〜230mm H:5〜60mm
Packing material:Heat fusible film(MAX 500mm)
Max. film width:500mm≧(product height + product wideh)×2+50mm

*Specification varies with the shape, dimensions and properties of the merchandise to be packaged, packaging materials, and other conditions.

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