Model LAPEG 900 Automatic Meat Stuffing machine


This machine allows stuffing any sort of product which does not need to be positioned before the stuffing process. The mould capacity in length is 900 mm, with the possibility to adapt it to the customer’s needs.
The machine consists of 3 parts:
This loader allows us stuffing automatically, feeding the stuffing machine always, with no need to put the piece of meat inside.
The stuffing machine is the one that gives shape to the product. It does that by means of an upper mould, a lower mould and a pusher, which puts the product into the net or casing. This machine allows working with calibers going from Ø 70 to Ø 220. For bigger or smaller diameters, one should contact the manufacturer (Pujolàs).
This machine is the one that puts the clips at each side of the product, and also a piece of cord in case this is required. The machine has got an automatic system of Tension and Clipping. It is also possible to adjust the tension on the product automatically.


• Machine totally made of Stainless Steel.
• Screen programming SIEMENS.
• Programs memory.
• Automatons SIEMENS.
• Pneumatic components FESTO.
• Pneumatic cylinders made of stainless steel FESTO.
• Capacity of production 4 to 6 pieces x minute. • Possibility to change the mould Ø 70 to Ø 220. •Clipping Head POLYCLIP.
• Machine approved according to CE standards.

Technical specification

• Machine built in stainless 304 steel.
• Production capability of 6-8 pieces/minute when working with automatic loader.
• Mould’s length: 900mm.
• Moulds are made of polyethylene.
• Machine’s dimensions: Height 2.310 mm / Width: 2.100 mm / Length: 6.300mm.
• High water pressure nozzles to help operator when cleaning the loader.
• Designed to change the change of the moulds within 5 minutes.
• All the mechanic elements are easy to reach to help operator when doing maintenance and cleaning the equipment.
• Stainless steel discs to drag the chains.
• The output conveyor belt is made of PVC.
• Adjustable feet / wheels.
• Clipping area Ref. Polyclip PCD M 800.
• Staple model: Polyclip 854GH.
• Cutting blade Polyclip.
• Electro pneumatic control.
• Made completely of stainless steel and industrial plastic.
• Smooth surfaces make it easy to clean.
• Inclined surfaces to improve drainage of water.

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