Roboqbo Model NS70

Model NS70 (Multifunction cutter and mixer – mid range production)

NoStep is a multi-functional cutter mixer that can make a wide range of food products quickly and reliably with high quality results.


• The multi-functional Roboqbo technology is practical and convenient: it allows you to run multiple production processes such as cutting, mixing, crushing, refining and emulsifying any type of food product using a single unit.
• NoStep is fitted as standard with a special tank cavity for hot or refrigerated fluid, useful for cooking up to 95°C or for cooling the product in an indirect and effective way.
• With the temperature control system (optional), you can cook uniformly and gently so that the natural smells and flavours of the ingredients are preserved.
• NoStep can also be successfully used in other industries such as the herbal, chemical and cosmetics sectors for crushing, emulsions and making creams.

Technical specification

• Stainless steel AISI 304 supplied with: Stainless steel lid with inspecting window.
• Double-jacketed bowl for heating up to 95°C (hot water or low pressure steam-1 Bar) and cooling (water or steam to be supplied separately).
• Temperature probe.
• Touch-screen monitor.
• Variable blade speed 30-2000 rpm.
• Automatic Bowl Tilting System for product output.
• Automatic lid open and close.
• Motorized bowl Scraper easily removable.
•Smooth blade Knife with blocking device.
• 11 kw -15HP.

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